Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Nuts and Jelly Ads

So I downloaded some magazine scans today when I was supposed to be doing school work...... they happened to be Happy Nuts Dec. and Jelly Dec. I was flipping through all the pictures forgetting about some of the horrid ads at the back... like the weight loss ads, you all know what I'm talking about, right??? Yeah well both magazines happened to have some of those oh so lovely weight loss ads right at the back like always. I thought being thin was getting to be an obsession in the US and only the US, but I look at this and I see the US is not the only country with media body issues... The sad this is that some of the girls aren't even fat to start out, maybe a little flabby, but that's nothing a couple days a week at the gym can't tone up!! There is no need to look skeletal or look like death... I'm sorry, but there is a point where people should stop losing weight... these girls should've stopped losing weight at that point!! It makes me sad to see them like that! Now, I don't know if they have been made to look like that or what, but it's really awkward and unhealthy looking! I know some people think it's normal for asians to have a low weight since they have a naturally smaller structure, yeah yeah yeah. No one is going to tell me it's normal for people to look skeletal or anorexic! It's unhealthy! I know you've probably heard about this topic on other gyaru blogs, but I never really noticed how disgusting they were until today!!

Well here they are:

                            ^^^^^^Do you think it's normal for girls to look like this???? ^^^^^^^

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Problems (;___;)

So I attempted to put some polls in my posts instead of on my sidebar using a widget... but guess what??? They worked and I was sooo happy!! Then... I noticed my background was all messed up, so I removed the poll posts and the background went back to normal! What the heck!!!??? I don't understand why it did that (@_@) and it makes me angry (>◠<) Sooo, I guess I'll give it another try... or maybe not. I don't know, we'll see if it works!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

(◕◡◕) (◞__◟)

This is just a random post today... I didn't know what to call it.... haha. So I'm thinking about putting a poll on my blog, if I can figure out how to!! So stay tuned and keep checkin in and please answer the poll if you can!! (^_^) No more holiday until Christmas, awwwwz!!! Well, time will pass by fast since I'm on my toes about Christmas... or on the other hand, since I'm on my toes about Christmas, time might pass by slower... uhhhh, hmmm, well I rather have it past by faster anyways!! This post isn't really worth reading unless you enjoy reading my meaningless blabber... haha. Well, actually it's about to get better.... maybe, if I don't have a brain fart while thinking... 

I don't think my brain is working today... I'm trying to remember 

Okay... sooo... let's talk about something that really annoys me (hehehe I got an IDEA!!!) 

When people try and control your life... oh yess my biggest pet peeve right there, other than whistling and chewing with your mouth open. Yeah, anyways, I keep getting off topic (>.<).  Recently, I was discussing my wonderfully brilliant breakthrough of wanting to be psychiatrist  with my Dad and Uncle and telling them how good the job would be for me. I was expecting them to stand up and give me a pat on the back and a round of applause, well not really, but at least a positive attitude. My Uncle starts murmuring about how I need a ton of education to be a psychiatrist and my Dad starts telling me I should be an accountant or a veterinarian.... and I'm like WHAT THE HECK! and my dreams were crushed into a fine powder that dissolved into the air (-_-;) UGH, whyyy? I finally think of something I wanna do in life and it's rejected. What am I supposed to do now? And my Uncle thinks I can't do anything. After my Dad tried to convince me to be a veterinarian, which I do not want to be whatsoever, my oh so very wonderful Uncle told me I was never going to be able to do it, it's just too much education and hard work that I won't be able to do. So nice, right? Well, you know what, I spend a big humungous chunk of my life going to school learning stuff I might never ever use during my lifetime, I'm going to do something that's worth it and that pays good. I don't wanna bother being an accountant or a secretary when I worked so hard during my childhood to go somewhere in life!! If I want to be something, I shall be it!! No one can tell me that I can't do something, what do they know anyways?! Do they have some magical crystal ball that can see into my future and foresee that I can't be a psychiatrist? Of course they don't! So I don't want people telling me what I can and can't do!! This isn't the first time that has happened either!! I really don't wanna sound like a totally insane angry madwomen, so I am going to change my tone... haha (<◡<) When I was scheduled for an interview with my modelling agency for the first time, I told my aunt and uncle over dinner since they didn't know only my parents did. My aunt says that I won't make it past Tuesday. (my interview was for Tuesday) So, I spent hours contemplating why she doesn't think I'll make it past Tuesday. Hmm, maybe she thinks I'm too ugly to model, too fat, maybe she is jealous I am going to an interview, maybe she thinks I will never be successful and it's a waste of time, or maybe she doesn't want me to be a model at all, or maybe she thinks modelling is stupid... I went on like that for hours that night!! I finally came to a conclusion that I really shouldn't listen to what people tell me. They can't control my life. If they say I can't do something, it's most likely because they were never able to do it. I think that's it!! I mean my aunt never modelled so she thinks I can't, my Uncle never got a huge college education so he thinks that I can't, my Dad didn't get to be what he wanted so he thinks I can't. I HATE people like that (I guess the change of tone thing didn't work out like I thought), just because they didn't get to do something it doesn't mean that I can't!! I am a completely different person and I can. When people say things like that, I try to refrain from having a kanip which I usually don't succeed at, and try to be positive and say, "Oh yes I can, just watch me." in that smartass way i  do. All I know is that it makes me soooo angry when people say I can't do something. They have so much nerve to say that. They are stupid and have now made it into my burn book. You know, saying things like this can be really hurtful. Crushing spirits really shouldn't be a way of fulfilling your hidden inside anger towards your failure. Think about it in a worse situation: a child in an orphanage says, "I really want to go home with that family that just came in", and an older child there say, "No, you'll never be adopted! No one wants you!" and that older child said that because he's been there longer than everyone. How sad that child must be to hear that from another child. That just goes to show you I am not insane or bitchy. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food Diary 3

So i said I wouldn't be blogging for a few days, but I'm back home now, and I gotta blog my weekly food diary (^_^) So here it is!! Remember, i only write the calories I consume now, not the calories I burn

Monday 324
Tuesday 142
Wednesday 333
Thursday 349
Friday 245
Saturday 160
Sunday 180

Total 1733 

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'll Be Back Soon

I'm visiting my mum so I won't be blogging for a while. Like I won't for like three days, so just don't read my blog or anything don't waste your time when I won't be posting anything new. So I'll be back to blogging in a few days!! See ya soon!! XOXO 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Honey Color Circle Lenses

Today I was reading Xiaxue's blog and I came across one of her sponsors, Honey Color. So I went on their site and started browsing their selection of circle lenses. I found the same exact ones I was going to buy from Pinky Paradise. Yeah, I decided not to buy any of the circle lenses in my circle lenses post. I decided I really like the EOS Candy Magic King Size Blue contact lenses. They are so blue and big and pwetty and AMAZING!! Turns out they are almost $10 cheaper on Honey Color than Pinky Paradise and even express shipping is cheaper than Pinky Paradise!! That means I have more of a chance that my daddy will buy them for me (◕◡◕) hehehe!! and they come with an adorable animal contact case!! Oh how wonderful this site is!! My total order came out to $47.50 including shipping!! That is very cheap for my Christmas Wish List!! I can't wait until I convince my daddy to order these for meee!! Hopefully he will, since I don't got enough money to buy them. Plus, what else is he going to buy me for Christmas??? 

So Honey Color is the way to go when buying circle lenses!!!  

Here's a look at what I am buying: 

EOS Candy Magic King Size Blue circle lenses
Original $25.90 $20..70
comes with free animal case!!

Rohto C3Moist Contact Lens Eye Drops 13 mL
I'm afraid of getting dry eyes and my lenses shrivelling up and moving around my eyes so I wanna order these eyedrops. Unfortunately, the drops I originally wanted are out of stock.
Here's a picture of my order: 
You see, only 47.50 for all of it plus EXPRESS shipping!! To me, that's absolutely AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I'd like to thank you for reading my blog on Thanksgiving; cheesy I know, but I am thankful for not being that faceless. So for those that celebrate Thanksgiving, have a good one!! I hope you have a good time, don't get too drunk!! XOXO loves ya ❤❤❤

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yves Rocher

I thought I should talk about my all time favourite brand of makeup and beauty products. Yves Rocher is an awesome brand!! They have high quality makeup minus the price of high-quality makeup (yeah I know that didn't make much sense, haha, but it's trure). The trend of buying from Yves Rocher was passed down from my Nana to my mom and onto me. It's a family girl tradioton (^_^) So, I am going to share a few of my favourite products that I have owned, own, or have tried and loved!! and, no, they're not my sponsor, they are simply a favourite brand of mine. 

So heres you go: 
***each picture of makeup is depicting the actual colour I mention
Velvety Loose Powder 
This is an AMAZING translucent powder by Y.R. I own it right now and love it sooo much! I forgot about it for a while and just recently found it again, and I was like why was I using Covergirl powder instead of this? It gives your face a sheer, yet matte finish. It is smooth and lasts all day. It goes on smooth and doesn't look cakey. It contains bamboo silica which brightens your skin and creates a more flawless finish. It also smells like sandalwood and something sweet, but I don't really know what it is. It comes in two shades: pinky and beige. I have pinky because I'm not tan; when buying face makeup from Y.R. you need to buy pinky if your pale or beige if you have a deep or medium skin tone.I would strongly recommend this to anyone!! It's awesome!! 

Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation
This is a great foundation, out of all of the foundations in the collection. It's funny because both products I have reviewed are from their Couleurs Nature collection. Well, this foundation is very light and smooth and  gives you a matte, yet dewy and bright complexion. If you apply two coats of it, your skin looks flawless!! It feels kind of thick at first but when you blend it and it starts to dry a bit, it feels almost like it's not there. I love the way it smells, too. It smells like raspberries and champagne, which is absolutely delicious smelling for foundation, however it doesn't make me break out or make me itchy like a lot of scented foundations do to me. I ran out recently, how sad. It's a really good foundation anyways. 

Flawless Finish Corrector 
This corrector is good, but not the best. I bought it and I don't really use it anymore since I wear foundation more often instead. I had originally bought it because it had a heavier coverage since I had a problem with sensitive skin inflammations. It was good for covering up redness and it kind of soothed soreness and inflamed areas. That is why I liked it, but now I don't  need that since I don't get inflammations as much, so I just use foundation for even skin tone. So, it's a good concealer for people that want a heavy coverage, and flawless look. I bought it in Very Light Complexion, there is three other shades. 

Plumping Sheer Gloss
This lip gloss is simply AMAZING!! I've bought it in two different shades: Coco and Framboise. The one I like better was Coco and that is the colour above. It's clear and sparkly; perfect for putting over lipstick or lipstain. It makes you lips twice their size and ultra, super glossy for that perfect pout. I also find that it is pretty long lasting. It doesn't mention that however. 

Duo Eyeshadow
This eyeshadow is so pwetty. It goes on ultra smooth and it is very silky and pearly. I love how it gives you two shades for that extra oomph when your trying to bring out the natural colour in your eyes. I have green eyes so I bought the eyeshadow in Pistache Et Prun, which is French for pistachio and prune, which is light green and purple. (>.<) haha. I can't really tell if eyeshadow brings out the colour of my eyes, but I got a lot of compliments on my eyeshadow while wearing it. 

Eyeshadow Peche Mignon
This is a beautiful eyeshadow. It comes in a big variety of colours; all bright and shimmery. My Nana used to use this one and she gave me her old one and I loved it, so I bought some more!! The shade I have used is Menthe A L'eau, or in other words a light, frosty blue. I usually don't like brightly coloured eyeshadows, but for some reason I absolutely love Yves Rocher coloured eyeshadows. It goes on very silky and it almost feels creamy when you put it on. Unfortunately, I can't find my lovely baby blue eyeshadow. 

Metaglow Cream Eyeshadow
This creme eyeshadow is so beautiful. My mum bought it for me for my birthday. It's shimmery and smooth, and just, just... AMAZING!! I bought it in Chrome, which is silvery and metallic. It takes a while to dry, which is sometimes a pain because it gets on your eyelashes and it smudges easily, but if you've got the time and patience you could totally make a master piece out of your eyes with this. I haven't seen my Metaglow around, so perhaps I lost it? I don't know, I have way too much makeup to keep count. 

Derma-Calm Day Creme for Sensitive Skin
This creme is specially made for sensitive skin. It calms and cools, which feels absolutely great after cleansing in the morning and before you go to bed. It's thick and hydrating enough that you can use it as a night creme. I love it!! You can get it scented and unscented. I got scented, but I didn't mean to. It smells good, though. It even evens out you skin tone and equalises your complexion!!

Dema-Calm Toner
Toning is very important to me, since I have a very uneven complexion. I needed something that would calm my skin and not irritate it like acid based toners do. This toner is more creamy than liquid. I thought that was weird at first, but it feels really good. It eliminated all redness. 

Shimmering Sunless Tanning Gel Face & Body
I'm very pale, so during the winter about twice a week I like to use sunless tanning lotion so I have a somewhat healthy glow instead of a pale, alabaster tone, ugh. This sunless tanner in particular is shimmery!! It doesn't make you that dark either, so you have a natural glowing tan instead of an orange, fake tan. 

Coconut Fizzy Bath Cube
Ohhhhh, my love for bath fizzies (^_^) how they are so fizzy with their fizziness and their bubbles and... okay, anyways this bath fizzy is made of sugar!! Yeah, but it's not edible, thought. But, it smells so good!!! Like coconuts just better, like sweetened syrupy coconut milk with vanilla. They come in three scents, but coconut is a must try!! It smells so good you'll wanna eat it!! But you can't, how sad. It makes your skin soft and silky after is dissolves into you bath. 

Traditional Gardenia Oil Monoi
This oil is like a magical elixir.. well to me at least. You can use it for so many different things, like: as an after sun moisturiser, in sun tanner, hair oil treatment, lotion, and bath oil. It's so AMAZING!! And it smells like, not only gardenia flowers, but with something better like coconuts and shea butter or maybe cocoa or something delicious like such. 
Phythum Replenishing Shampoo & Conditioner
$4.95 each
This shampoo repair damage and nourishes you hair. It made my hair softer, silkier and shinier. It  can make your hair a little greasy at times since it's very moisturising. I left my hair smelling great and the scent lasted all day almost like a perfume. Weird, huh?
Vanille Noire Eau De Parfum
This is my absolute favourite fragrance from Y.R. It smells like a million vanilla beans surrounding me while warm vanilla cupcakes and coffee cake bake near by. Haha, I know I'm weird, but that is exactly how it smells. to me. It's like a warm, rich, deep vanilla scent with a little hint of light and sweet. It's a perfect autumn and winter fragrance since it smells warm and welcoming.

So, I just wanted to share some of my favourites from Yves Rocher with you!! 

Visit Yves Rocher if you're interested!!

New Look

Hai there!!! (◕◡◕) It's getting close to Winter \(◠◡◠)/, so guess what??? New blog look!!! Yay! The header I have now isn't the one I'll be using for good; it's just a demo of the one I will be doing. I'll be adding pictures to it, but I gotta figure out how to first!! I was just getting sick of having a boring, nothingness header, so I made one that's probably much better than before. I just wish it had pictures. Well, that'll be done soon!!... I hope!! Well wish me luck since the whole header designing thing is giving me a headache. Am I the only one having problems with their header, or the only person that has ever even had problems with their header. Well, I doubt it, but it seems like everyone's headers are really pretty and mine's boring (◞_◟;) well I will make it better. A header shouldn't mean that much to me, but unfortunetly it really, really does and I'm going insane and becoming OCD the more I try to make it perfect!! Grrr... it's hard... 

Anyways, I also made my background more wintery and I like it!! I hope you do. I mean the ice cream cones were cute, but they kinda annoyed me in a way... haha. I will be changing my blog up some more soon!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've been trying to do this for a while and nothing is helping. Does anyone know how to put a header on your blog??? All it's letting me do is put little tiny pink words saying Yumi's blog. How do you put a big, pretty header, you know what I'm talking about. If anyone knows that would help me SO MUCH! Thank you dolls (^_^)

Re: Mei Tag: This or That

The author of The Not So Secret Notebook has asked her readers to have a go at her This or That questions and I shall do it because I'm bored in study right now and I love Mei's blog (^_^) 
So here I go...

Curly or straight?
I would have to say straight because that's how I usually wear my hair. However, I do curl it sometimes especially when I do gyaru hair or holiday styles. My hair is naturally really wavy, soft, and quite poofy and I don't like it, so I have my trusty, handy-dandy flat iron!!! I love it so much it does such a good job (^_^)

Bun or Ponytail?
Oh god! I have to say bun all the way. I have and absolute dislike for ponytails, on me at least. I don't know why I just do... with a fiery passion. I never wear my hair in a ponytail unless my bun comes apart and I don't notice it. 

Body pins or butterfly clips?
Body pins most definitely. I'm not into those big and gody hair clips. You can barely notice bobby pins and they are way less expensive (^_^) and the hold the hair in place... well somewhat, but butterfly clips can hold up bigger sections of hair, which is an upside to them, but I'm going to have to stick to bobby pins. 

Hair spray or gel?
Bleehhh, gel is icky. Haha. Well, you know, it really is. It's sticky, and makes your hair look wet. In some cases I may use it, like to define curls or to slick back my hair while it's in a bun, but I favour hair spray. There are brands that are amazing and non-sticky. Like, Treseme or Paul Mitchell. I use my little friend, Treseme Tres Two hairspray everyday (^_^)

Long or short?
Long, long, long. I haven't had my hair short since elementary school. Since then I've had it at least four inches past shoulder length or longer. I don't think short hair suits me whatsoever. It's just my facial structure. Plus, I feel naked without my hair (@_@) and trust me, no one like feeling naked, except for nudists. 

Light or dark?
Hmm, Umm, I would say neither, but more on the light side. I like my hair to be a caramely light brown/ blonde. I have had my hair every colour except black; honey blonde, strawberry blonde, red, auburn, dark brown, ash blonde, ash brown, platinum blonde, and caramel and I have stuck to caramel. So, I like my hair right in between, but darker hair suits me better. I think lighter blondes wash me out since I'm pale, but darker hair gives me colour. 

Side swept bangs or full bangs?
Hmm, well I usually have no bangs, but I'm thinking about getting full bangs. I really want bangs, but I always chicken out. Haha. I always thought side swept bangs made me look older with a longer face, and full bangs make me look a little girlier. So I would have to say full bangs since they appeal to me more and make me look better. 

Up or down?
i barely ever wear my hair up, except for sometimes when I do makeup and take pictures of it (I think it's easier to see you makeup that way). My everyday hairstyle is long and straight. It might sound boring, but I don't like having to constantly adjust my updo since my hair has a tendency to fall down out of it tie. So yeah, definitely down. 

here's her blog if you wanna read Mei's answers

and don't feel afraid to give it a try (^_^)


I would really like some of my readers who have a blog to step up and tell me who you are so I can read your blog. When someone has a good blog and their interested in mine I will make sure they get more readers. I'm just so nice like that (^_^) I've had a few readers tell me who they were. I know I have more than three readers, so tell me who ya are! ❤

Janhvi is a reader of mine that has an awesome makeup and lifestyle blog and I think she's pretty new!! (^_^) so check out her blog!!...
Janhvi's ♥My Blog♥

Winda Tiodang is another lovely reader of mine. This girl is only 14 and her blog is super AMAZING!! She's a fashion blogger and she has a lot of readers, so check her out and give her more hits, will ya?

I also have Mei and she's adorable! (^_^) I would love for her to have more readers!! Her blog is interesting to read and I read it all the time!! So checkkk ittt outtt!!...
Mei's The Not So Secret Notebook

Monday, November 21, 2011

❤Good Tutorial❤

I was on Youtube looking at some good and then some not so good gyaru makeup tutorial videos. I found a really good one. Well, I thought it was really good, I mean the maker didn't think it was that good because it was her first makeup tutorial video. The maker was Sylvia Easter. By the looks of her blog, she's pretty popular, so maybe you've heard of her. Anyways, she's really cute and good at makeup tutorials. 

The Videos:
Part 1
Part 2

Sylvia Easter

Today's look

I got to stay home because my grade is going on a trip, but I couldn't go because I never got the form. Oh well (^_^) I guess I didn't give you guys a formal Good Morning!... well, maybe it's night for some of you. Haha. Well I got up today bright and early and did some makeup. I shall post a couple of pictures to show you how it came out. 
Heres you goes: 

I guess you could say my makeup for today was gyaru inspired. I did the whole eye routine with falsies and everything... except I'm just missing circle lenses. Well, I'm trying to get those. You can't see it very good, but I have very bright pink blush on, and my lips are nudy. My hair is NOT gyaru in the first picture, I know, but maybe the hair in the second picture could be if I had bangs. It's in a high bun, but you can't really tell. I wanted you to see my makeup better.  In my opinion, the second picture looks more gyaru than the the first one. Heehee, my neck looks kinda funny in the first one. Well, what do you want. I was looking over my shoulder straining my neck. Maybe I shouldn't do that pose. 
Here's a picture of a gyaru style bun: 
^That proves that a bun can be gyaru^

Bringing up my hair; I am thinking about getting bangs. I used to have bangs, but I grew them out for some reason. I think bangs are pretty cute (^_^) especially when you curl you hair, but straighten your bangs. That looks super adorable. So I'm going to my hairstylist at the beginning of December. So, is it a good idea. Will it look good? I don't know, I'm scared. I always get paranoid when doing something different to my hair. I think I'm going to go through with it. I think it'll look decent. Hey, maybe I'll ask to get them long enough that I can at least sweep them to the side if I have buyer's remorse (^_^)

Some bang inspiration: 

Gyaru bangs...

Not gyaru bangs...

What The Heck?!

Gyaru Secrets is so stupid lately, I can't stand it. All the ever do is talk about Shiena and Ashley, like really who cares? Talk about something else, like actual gyaru stuff. I don't think having sex with hosts and marrying for a visa is gyaru. Makeup critic is gyaru and that's why I read gyaru secrets. Not to hear about Ashley's latest weight issues. I don't know, I think I'm going to stop reading it, it's a waste of time anyway. (^_^)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Food Diary 2

So here is my weekly food diary that I post every weekend. I was going to start posting this entry every sunday, like i am today, but i'm not. I didn't get to posting it yesterday, so I did it today. I still be posting it every saturday. I also decided to just post the amount of calories I  consume, rather that the number I burn because I just find it too hard to calculate all of the calories I burn in a day since I do so much. 
So here's my consumed calories for the week:

Sunday: 317
Tuesday: 188
Wednesday: 276
Thursday: 251
Friday: 317
Saturday: 383

Count YOUR calories

My Ads

So, recently I have put ads on my blog. I was doing that as a way to earn money to buy new circle lenses. I've earned $8 which is pretty good, but it's not enough to buy circle lenses. So, if you readers could click on some of my ads that would be so nice of you. You DON'T NEED to buy anything, just click. It doesn't cost you anything. Thank you for whoever participates (^_^)

Favourite Everyday Makeup

I'm going to make a post about what makeup I use daily, like to school and the store. I use a lot of drugstore brands; especially Covergirl (i love Covergirl makeup) 
I know these pictures are crappy, when are my pictures not crappy, ohhh haha! (^_^) 
So here's the list of my everyday makeup routine:
 Here is my blusher. It's a really cheap brand, you know NYC, but it's the only blush I could find in the shade that I really like. It's a really light, glowing, peachy-pink. I also like how it stays on all day. I doesn't make me break out like other blusher either. It is New York Color Cheek Glow Powder Blush in 651 Riverside Rose. Oh yeah, and I took a swatch on my hand, but it didn't show up since it's so light so I took it on paper. 

This is my eyeshadow palette. I'm not really sure, but I think this is NYC or maybe Maybelline. I don't really remember. I don't know the name of the shade either. All I know it that it's pretty nice and smooth. The shade I use on my lid is the medium brown shade. The one I use nearest to my lash line is the darkest brown. On my crease I use the light brown shade. And on my brow bone I use the creamy shade. I don't always use this eyeshadow though because sometimes I don't always feel brown. You can't really see the swatch but you can see the browns. 

I'm not really sure what the brand of this is either. All I can see on the container is the directions for use. I guess I shouldn't take the wrappers off of my makeup if I plan to do more posts like this, huh? Haha, well this is loose eyeshadow and I think it's AMAZING!! It's so smooth when you put it on. Also, it's soooo sparkly and it looks like snow. I wear this almost every day. The thing is that it's really messy. You need to use a brush to apply it or it sprinkles everywhere and sometimes you get it in your eyes (>.<) ouch, but overall I absolutely love it!! As for the swatch, you can see the colour, but you can't see how amazingly sparkly it is!! 

This is my eyeliner that I use every day. I'm not certain of the brand of this either. All I know is that is just ordinary black eyeliner. The thing I love about it is that it makes a very soft, clean, sharp line and it doesn't crumble. If you take a lighter or a lit match you can make it softer for a thicker, smoother, and deeper line. I made a heart for the swatch to show how much I love my members and readers!! (^_^)

This is just my everyday foundation... THAT I LOVE! I don't think I want to use any other foundation. I mean I'd use another Covergirl foundation, but not any other brand. It's Covergirl Clean foundation for sensitive skin in 210 Classic Ivory. It's really light, but I'm really pale. I do need to buy a shade or two darker when it's summer and I get tanned. I love the fact that it's 100% oil and fragrance free and hypoallergenic and it doesn't clog your pores. That way it keeps your face feeling clean throughout the day and keeps breakouts under control since it's infused with a mild acne controller. 

This is my all time favourite translucent powder. It's by Covergirl, of course. I wear it on top of my foundation. It came with a big, fluffy powder puff that I didn't like since it didn't apply the powder smoothly so I traded it in for my old velvet powder puff from Yves Rocher. It's Covergirl Professional Loose Powder in 105 Translucent Fair. It's smooth and silky and is slightly sheer, yet matte. So it's good if you have oily skin, but don't like that cakey look. I didn't think I needed a swatch for it since it's translucent!!

This is one of  my lipglosses. It's Maybelline, I think because the shade is Born With It. It's really thick and peachy pink, which I love. And another good thing is that it doesn't give me a trout pout like other lipglosses. It tastes and smells like grapefruit. In the swatch you can't really see it since it's such a nudy colour, but it has a lot of micro sparkles in there. 

This is lipstain. I really adore this lipstain. It's not a very harsh shade like a lot of lipstains. It just gives your lips a flush, rosy tint. It's Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Passion. I never really used the balm I go over it with a lipgloss instead to give my lips a better shine. I was never really a big fan of chapstick or lipbalm. I usually just use a moisturising lip gloss. It tastes and smells like raspberries which is just simply delightful. I use this for school or going out mostly. I never use it for gyaru makeup though. 

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lipgloss!! \(*O*)/ It's shiny, super sparkly, thick, and it smells like jasmine and rose flowers. AHHHH! it's AMAZING and I want it in all of the shades. It's Lancome Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss in Miracle. It's a light pink shade with a tone of sparkly sparkles. I pair it off with my Revlon lipstain and there's some awesomely amazing rosy lips right there. It also stays on for a wicked long time which is a major upside. 

This is my mascara. It's by Maybelline. It's a really good mascara. It doesn't clump and it adds a lot of volume and length to lashes. It's also very dark so it adds depth to eyes. It's called Maybelline Volume Express The Falsies in Very Black. I swear by this mascara and it is the only one I ever want to use. 

Here's me wearing my foundation, powder, loose eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blusher, lipstain, and Lancome lipgloss with my natural poofy, wavy hair (^_^)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photoshop: before and after Tsubasa Masuwaka

I know I've been blogging about photoshop a lot lately, but I'm just amazed at what it can do for pictures. (^_^)

I love, love, love Tsubasa. I mean who doesn't? I have this so cute picture of her and I thought it was lacking something so I "enhanced it" i guess you could say. I think it looks totally cute and vibrant (not bad, fake looking vibrant, i mean larger than life, 3D vibrant.) 




I think her eyes look so much bigger and deeper. I burned around her eyes where her liner was so it became darker, and went around her eyes with black and made it soft light, I also added brown eye shadow, I also made the dark ring around her iris thicker. Her face looks even more perfect than usual. I gave her blush, smoothed her skin, lightened her lips, deepened her nose contouring, and lightened her nose strip. As for her hair, I think it looks livelier and it compliments her complexion better.