Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cyanide and Happiness

Have you seen the cyanide and happiness comics before? Well, if you have than you know what I mean by this post. Sometimes they are really funny, confusing, and really quite horrible and depressing. You know what I mean?! Watch, I'll show you.

One that makes me laugh:

One that is really confusing/ and or I don't get the point of:

One that is really sad:

OMG! I almost cried about this one! It's so sad! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bleh Days

Do you ever have those days when you just feel like "bleh". Like there is no way of explaining it other than "bleh". It those days when you feel gross, and tired, and you don't feel like doing anything, and you are in a really bad mood. I've had a "bleh" day for three days in a row now. I mean yesterday not so much, but I still felt "bleh". (Okay I know I know I sound so weird saying "bleh" all the time) Today, I feel really "bleh". I just want to go home and sleep, for 12 hours.

Here's a bunny since Easter is coming and I love bunnies! (I'm very random)

I got going with another beauty post yesterday, which is good because I haven't had any motivation whatsoever until I bought my awesome lip plumper on Friday and decided to share my lip tips with you. For some reason when I post random blog posts such as this I get my motivation back and a random idea for a beauty post pops into my head! So, don't mind me, I'm just trying to get some motivation!

I think I might do a post on Spring makeup! I keep deciding on different makeup posts, but then I never do them O.o Well, I'll do this one for sure because spring makeup has to be my favourite.

Chanel Spring 2012 Makeup Inspiration:

Oh yeah, and I hope you know my favourite band is the Gorillaz. Here is a picture I drew of the three virtual Gorillaz characters: Noodle, Murdoc, and 2-D in Photoshop-- any good, eh? I'm not even going to show you the first picture I drew in paint-- one word FAIL! I also post a song below that expresses my feelings today, nostalgic and air-headed-- not to mention it's one of my favourite songs on their Plastic Beach album.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Plump Lips Naturally!

 Plump and perky lips are very sexy and also very lively and young looking! What girl doesn't want to look sexy, lively, and young? So follow a few of these little steps to get naturally plump lips without surgery and without  a ton of lip makeup.

Rosie is known for her naturally vuluptuous- bee stung- humungous lips! Picture from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's new Alexandre Rezende 2012 photoshoot (I'll post some more after this post, I made sure to get more when I heard of a new photoshoot <.<).

1. Let's start with the shape of your lips in general. We are not all born with plump, round lips, but we can change that! Just do some yoga! No, not twisting your body into weird positions, but concentrating the lip muscles on your face! All you need to do is smile tightly and then purse your lips on a 2-count and hold the pursed position for 30 seconds and repeat for 10-reps. Sounds like strength training for your face, ha.Honestly, you'll feel the burn!!!

2. Next, let's talk about texture. If your lips are all peeling and dried out they are not going to look lively, young, nor plump so you want to avoid deserted island lips. To do this after you brush your teeth take your tooth brush and gently brush your lips for 20 seconds. This will exfoliate all dead skin off of the sensitive surface of your lips. After this apply a lip balm. Apply lip balm whenever your not wearing lip makeup!

3. Lastly, let's talk about making lips appear bigger without surgery and a ton of makeup. Lip liner is essential when your trying to achieve plumper looking lips. Do not line thickly or all around lips. Instead, line the cupid's bow and the bumps on each side and underneath your bottom lip. Another thing that you should definitely have on hand is a really good lip plumper. A lot of drug store products claim to have a plumping effect, but that's not true, they only usually use a thick shine to imitate plumper lips. A more pricey alternative is needed even though it's less convenient.

If you're looking for a cheaper lip plumper if your not willing to pay $30 for a tube of the stuff, then I highly recommend Victoria's Secret Very Voluptuous Bare Lip Plumper for $18. I just bought a tube and it really does work.  It contains Collagens that instantly plump lips (actually irritating them, but it works) plus adding a natural shine and self adjusting rosy tint.

Facts to know about lip plumpers: 
1. Cheap ones don't work
2. Some can dry out lips so look for ingredients that dry out lips easily
3. They sting and tingle and all that, so you may not like it very much
4. You need to apply them more than once a day to have a lasting effect
5. Even if they claim to make lips plumper, they may not always be telling the truth

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 2012 Alexandre Rezende Photoshoot:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loss of motivation...

I haven't blogged in such a long time, I feel like I have abandoned my blog! I have been trying to lift my spirits by adding animations to my blog (you see them?) and trying to find new things to talk about, but I can't find anything! (T_T) I try looking up new makeup techniques and makeup ideas and beauty tips and I have run out of idea. Maybe now that I'm writing about not having ideas some ideas will pop up! I'll just be hopeful. I guess I'll just talk about what I've been doing this week. I think I might do a gyaru inspiration later. I haven't done something gyaru in forever! I need to. Maybe I'll find some J-mag scans and download. Maybe bring back some of the past. Just some ideas I'll share with you. (^_^)

One thing that is new is that I think I want to learn to play the bass guitar. I've always loved the sound of bass guitars and why not find something fun to do on my free-time. I've always loved musicalness! Plus, it'll bother my family... so even better! I want a pink bass guitar. That would be so amazing because it's pink and I could add sparkles and stickers and all those things!
I want this one! Where can i find THIS ONE???!!! OMG!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dewy Skin How To

Matte skin looks clean and fresh-- in the Winter! But dewy skin, on the other hand, looks bright and healthy in the warmer months that coming up. That is why I am telling you how to get that dewy, smooth, and bright skin! It isn't hard and it looks so nice after! You'll look radiant and happy! (didn't sound too cheesy right?) I would have made  a video if my computer wasn't acting like crap! Anyways, this is like my daily foundation routine because it's spring and time to ditch the matteness!
I look so weird without any eye makeup and such (T_T) why???

❤Things You'll Need❤
  • Water, facial cleanser, and preferably a scrub along with it (exfoliating creates a smooth surface making skin look more radiant!)                                                                                                 
  • A light moisturiser, oil, or serum (whatever is moisturising enough for your skin type and isn't thick) 
  • Bronzer or highlighter (cream, powder, stick; whatever works for you) 
  • A concealer (go for a thick and lighter colour as it brightens and creates a canvas over blemishes and imperfections) 
  • A tinted moisturiser or sheer liquid foundation (tinted moisturiser is better for this by my experience-- more DEWY since the moisturiser is lighter and has more of a sheer coverage!) 
  • Translucent powder (loose or compact; it doesn't really matter; try to avoid a powder that has a lot of sparkles and matte or thick powder) 
  • A light pink,peach, or pastel red blush(this must be light no rouge or plum! Natural is what we are going for so no bright or dark colours!)
  • A facial spray or homemade rose water that you can learn to make here 
  • Your tools: foundation brush, blush brush, contouring brush (optional), a powder brush, a sponge, and clean fingertips
1. Wash! Your face, that is, with your facial cleanser and then use a scrub if you have one. Rinse with cold water to refresh and brighten your skin. 

2. Moisturise! Make sure to especially get the places that get dry very easily as this makes makeup look cakey and sometimes thick since it sucks up every drop of makeup. Wait for it to dry so it doesn't combine too much with makeup!

3. Conceal! Use your choice of concealer that is lighter and thicker than your foundation or tinted moisturiser and put it on the spots that tend to be reddish or discoloured. We're trying to go for a fresh, clear complexion so proper concealing is key! Don't go overboard though. Too much light coloured concealer could really wash you out! Blend with a sponge, not a brush for concealer; it could get streaky! 

4. Makeup time! Take your tinted moisturiser or foundation of your choice and squeeze onto your finger tip. Spread all over your face like you would with a lotion. It might feel weird, but just wait! Then after it's all applied take a foundation  brush, not a sponge, make the brush fan out and buff all over your face. Make sure to get the places where foundation lines often form like: jaw line, hair line, T-zone, nose creases, and under the eyes. After blending take a sponge and pad over the places that get oily easily, don't press too hard because it could lift off your makeup! 

5. Take your bronzer or highlighter and put along your cheekbones while sucking in your cheeks; this helps to get the makeup along the cheekbones better. Blend really good with your fingertips if you're using a cream or stick, put blend with your contouring brush or blush brush if using a powder. We're not putting highlighter or bronzer anywhere else on the face because it tends to look less natural and natural is what we are going for. 

6. Blusher! Take a blush brush and swirl into your blush. Smile and blend blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Let go of your smile, but don't frown and blend along cheekbones all the way to the hair line. Make sure you don't add too much blush, you'll look too colourful and make sure to blend because you'll look like a big blotch! 

7. Powderize! Take your translucent powder and powder brush and swirl it into the powder and tap on the side of the container or compact. Take the powder and apply a thin layer to your entire face, DO NOT go back and swirl more powder onto your brush, don't be a powderholic! Now go back and swirl your brush into your powder again, but don't apply it to your whole face. Apply it to your T-zone, nose, and chin, and any other places that get oily. If you have dry skin, the first layer should be enough powder. Apply another thin layer of powder when your face begins to feel oily during the day. 

8. Mist! Take the facial spray or rose water and lightly, and I mean lightly, mist onto your face. This gives your skin a healthy, dewy glow that really does look radiant.

❤Products I Used❤
Victoria's Secret Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Soft Light
Victoria's Secret Luminous Cheek and Face Highlighter in After Party
Loreal Paris TruMatch Perfecting Roll-On Makeup in Warm Ivory/Porcelain
Physicians Formula Happy Boosters Blusher in Natural 
Covergirl Smoothers Pressed Powder in Fair 

Now we're done! Now run off and do the rest of your makeup and then get out of here! I hope this tutorial was good and if you have any questions about this technique, comment below and I'll surely answer! 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fake vs. How You Want to Look

I wanted to bring something up that really makes me angry. It's something that I've seen people (mostly girls) rant about before and now it's my turn. This isn't really going to be a rant, but rather my opinion on a subject. Here it goes... 

Why do people treat people that have gotten plastic surgery, wear makeup, and try to look their best like they are FAKE; like they aren't a human, rather a plastic being that has no place in this world and has no feelings? It's like they think that just because a person looks good they aren't a person anymore! 

Let's take this situation (made up, but very common and realistic)... 

You follow a beauty blogger on the internet. You know that in all her pictures she wears a ton of makeup on and styles her hair to the max. She looks great, but you wonder what she really looks like without all the makeup. You then assume that she is ugly and plain under all that makeup. People including you bash her telling her she's "fake" , "a bitch" , "whore", "slut" just because she wears a lot of makeup. 

I know some of you must have witnessed a situation quite like this one. 

So what if someone wears a lot of makeup? Does it really make them a lesser person that deserves to be called names? Is there a reason why people often hate people that wear makeup and try to look good? 

My opinion is that everyone has the right to look they way they want to look. I think nobody has the right to say what is a good way to look and what is a bad way to look. There is no right way to look and there is no wrong way to look. 

Everybody looks different and everybody favours a certain looks and everybody has a look they dislike! 

That girl on the internet most likely wanted to wear that makeup and wanted to look the way she did. This is how she likes herself and she's wearing makeup to look good for herself. This is the case for most people wearing makeup. She's probably not trying to impress anyone, she just feels confident when she wears her makeup.

It's the same case with me! I wear makeup to look good for myself, not for other girls, not for men, not to hide ugliness, and not to be fake. 

I like to feel pretty and fresh and if I just woke up, put my hair in a ponytail, dressed in some old sweats, wore my bare face and didn't put any effort into looking good that day I wouldn't feel confident. I'd feel dishevelled and shoddy. Also, people wouldn't respect you if you went out in public looking like that. I personally don't care what people think, but I like to be respected. 

That is another thing. People claim that natural is better and it looks better, but I've seen many cases where natural people are called "Plain Janes" or "ugly" because they don't wear any makeup at all. And it's even proven that people that come to a job interview looking good and put together are most likely to get the job! Show that shows that the claim that natural is better is untrue! People favour attractiveness and that is our nature. 

How about plastic surgery? It's like an evil in society to have your face or body surgically altered! And, of course, people just right away assume that they are fake and shallow because they are ashamed of the way they look or something like that. 

I know a perfect example of this... 

When Xiaxue got plastic surgery so many people harassed her about it. They called her "fake", "shallow", "wannabe", and they even said she was ashamed of her own race and that she wanted to be white instead of asian. 

Honestly, Xiaxue probably did not get plastic surgery to be white and I really don't think she got plastic surgery because she wanted to be fake, shallow, or a wannabe. I think and she has even claimed that she got plastic surgery for herself! She wanted to look good, even though she was already pretty, she wanted to look a certain way and went with it. Same thing with photoshopping her pictures. Who cares? It was a choice she made to look good. There is nothing wrong with that and just because she shared it on her blog doesn't make her shallow or anything of that such. She shared it because she was confident in her new self and it was something to tell bloggers that love her. 

What I think was awesome is that she didn't even seem phased by the hate that was erupting from her blog comments and twitter and other sites. She just simply told people the ups and downs of plastic surgery and what she had done. She didn't hate on the people that hated her. She stayed confident. 

And then people think a person that is confident is conceded. Well, there is nothing wrong with loving yourself and being happy in your own skin! It's funny because people with low self confidence are treated badly as well. It just goes to show you that people don't know what the want in others. Personally, I think it's conceded to want people to look they way you want them to look, but eh that's just me. 

And then there are the guys that say they like "natural" girls that don't wear a lot of makeup. That's a lie because they fantasise over celebrities who by far wear way more makeup than girl they've met. They also always hit on the girls that are the most done-up and looking hot. So, why do they claim they want  a natural girl? No one will ever know because there are so many reasons behind men. Ha. 

So that is what I thought I should bring up. I don't think anyone should hate on people just because that person looks good, wants to look good, or changed themselves for their own favour. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questions About Me Tag

I was tagged in the about me tag, so I shall answer these questions that I was told to answer and do the facts and such! 

11 facts about moi! 
  1. I have an extreme fear of open water such as: ponds, lakes, oceans, rivers, even puddles and swamps. I'm always afraid that some creature or evil thing is going to climb up and bite me or drag me under. I especially hate it when I can't see the bottom! EEEKKK!!! >o<
  2. I'm a vegetarian and have been ever since I was in fourth grade. I don't eat any meat at all and don't even drink milk! Animals must live T_T ohhhhh. 
  3. I'm single and proud! ^_^ I like having no boyfriend. Am I the only one that is sick of always having to worry about another person and worrying about their needs and just having your heart broken in return? I'll take a break from relationships for a while! I like being my flirty self without having to worry about someone being jealous just because I check out another guy's butt. 
  4. I'm obsessed with every culture besides mine... I wish I lived in some other country and live the way the people there live! I think American life is so so so boring! I need a change and that's one of the reasons why I became interested in Japanese fashion! 
  5. I love kickboxing! I kickbox everyday when I get home from school! I love the feeling you get during and after. It's like you suddenly get really hyper and then you feel all rejuvenated and... I just can't explain it! 
  6. I'm not a good student. I have not so good grades in school and I'll admit it. Partly because teachers whip us all day and when I come home all I want to do is relax and just RELAX! I don't want anything to do with books and papers. FU papers and books! 
  7. I love the band Gorillaz, which is weird since I love pink and sparkles and prettiness! They are like the total opposite of that, but they are truly amazing and I'll always be their amazing blogger fan!!!
  8. I hate when people feel like they are above me and better than me!This is my all time biggest pet peeve. No way in the world are you going to put me down like I'm a lesser person, HOW DARE YOU!?
  9. I'm really weird if you knew me in person. I don't even know how to explain myself as weird because I'm just straight out strange sometimes! 
  10. I believe in ghosts and demons. I believe there are other things around you all the time and you don't know it! I actually think a spirit or demon is after me nowadays... <.< 
  11. I can't go a day without my make up! Even if I don't have time or I'm not going anywhere, I'll still throw on a tinted moisturiser just to even me out and freshen me up. I just don't feel confident when I wear my bare face. 

1. If you could choose a country that you would have been born in, what country would it be?
ENGLAND! I absolutely love this country and wish I was born in it! I've always wanted a British accent... it's not even funny... I also love the music that they've made, so amazing, what a marvellous country! T_T

2. You are going to a desert island, alone, for a week, and you get to bring one personal item. What do you bring?
A bikini! No makeup and messy hair for a week is a sacrifice, but fun in the sun on an island sounds good to me, plus I seriously don't want to be naked and I could eat coconuts... 

3. What's your favorite candy/snack?
Lollipops are my all time favourite candies/snacks! They are amazing and they taste so good all the time... well depending on the brand... some lollipops are just gross... 

4. If you had to choose of sense to lose for the rest of your life, which would it be?
I think this questions means to lose a sense, such as: touch, smell, taste, and hearing? I hope I'm right because that's how I'm answering that question! I would lose my smell because seriously smelling is the worst thing out of all those senses! I a lot of smells, like gross smells and especially the smell of Spagettios cooking! 

5. What do you like most about yourself?
Everything! Nope, just kidding >.< I like my attitude. Just a little bit of sass and sillyness and you got me! Of course, some people don't like this about me, but whatever people! 

6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Being a successful lawyer and having a blog that's ten times popular than this one! No offence my lovely blog, but you could do better! 

7. If you had to choose between facing your biggest fear for 30min or letting your closest friend/bf/gf/family member facing their biggest fear for 40min, which would you choose? 
It may seem really selfish, but I would have someone close face their fear for 40 minutes because hey, it's not my fault their scared of that thing and I don't want to face spiders, open water, or dark caves for half an hour
8. What is your favorite childhood memory?
I just have way too many I can't even remember! I think having my cousin come and live with me because I was an only child and very lonely and now we're like best friends and I don't know what I'd do without her sometimes! But then there are those times when I wish I was still an only child... >.> 

9. If you could undergo plastic surgery, for free, with no complications, would you do it (and what would you fix?)?
I would because there is something I've  been wanting to do, but haven't really been serious about it. I would get lip injections. Even though my lips are already pretty plump they could be even plumper and sexier! ;)

10. What is your weirdest nickname?
Can I not answer this question? Well when I was in middle school, one year my friends used to call me Totally Spy, you know like the cartoon show? I had no idea where it came from and why they called me that name. By far it was the weirdest nickname I've ever had! wtf... 

11. If you could change just one thing about your life, what would you change?
I would be rich! I want to be able to buy stuff I want and travel where I want. Haha, I sound like a spoiled brat >.< but seriously? What girl doesn't want that??? 

Tag Questions: 

1. What animal do you remind yourself of and why? 
2. What is the most crazy/ regrettable thing you've ever done? 
3. What do you get jealous about the easiest? 
4. What is your biggest phobia ever and why? 
5. What is one thing you can absolutely NOT live without? 
6. Who is one celebrity who you despise and for what reason? 
7. If you could get one million dollars, but you had to sell your best friend, would you do it? 
8. What is one thing you wish you could change about your appearance? 
9. If you were to steal one thing and one thing only from the mall what would it be? 
10. Who would you kill if you HAD to kill one person-- anyone in the world? 
11. What is one of your weirdest habits that you've ever had? 


Do I seriously need to go to all these blogger's blog and tell them about this? Ugh, I got some work to do... and so do these bloggers if they do this tag because I got some weird questions! 

Monday, March 12, 2012


***I am working on the tag questions, just telling you! 

WARNING: there may be some cuss words in this post because I'm mad! >:O

So, tonight I just got home from visiting my mom and I get home hoping to listen to some music and I open up my laptop to find that my network has Youtube blocked! What the f*ck? So I listen in downstairs and hear my stupid uncle and pathetic cousin laughing and blocking Youtube in all their stupid glory! It's because they think I caused the whole network to shut down this weekend because of Youtube. What a bunch of crap! They just want to ruin my time! Music is my life and without it I'll die! You know what? I hope the whole network croaks and they have to buy new equipment to fix it! Stupid butts! Urg, I want my Youtube with my gianormous playlist full of my amazing songs T_T Why would they do this to me?! Some people are going to hear a MAJOR bitch fest soon! No one takes away my music and gets away with it in all their glory! No glory! That is just cruel taking away a teenagers music. What is so bad about listening to music? At least I'm not doing drugs, getting drunk, and staying out till 4 in the f*cking morning like the rest of the teenagers out there! 



Friday, March 9, 2012

Magic Spice

I was reflecting to my past for a few moments today and I remembered something totally important and magical! I remembered when I was reading Xiaxue's most recent blog post about how she lost weight using a diet pill. 
I remembered that...

There is a natural appetite depressant pill out there that nobody (well some people) know about! It's a surprise really, but believe me it works! 
It is... 


Yeah that's right! That spicy, sweet, wonderful spice that you put on the most fattening and unhealthy things-- okay let's not go there. But here's the catch. I won't suppress your appetite effectively if you just sprinkle it on your food and such. You need to take it by a capsule. Just two little pills full of pure, unprocessed cinnamon taken every day. 

How does it work? 
It 'levels out' your blood sugar so your body doesn't have those cravings for sugary and fatty foods and you don't have those annoying blood sugar spikes when you all of a sudden feel really, really hungry even though you just ate an hour ago. So, basically  it makes you feel satisfied with what you've eaten. Even if it was just carrot sticks!It also raises your metabolism since you don't have that eat sugar and crash experience anymore! So you turn into a fat burning machine!  

Why you should believe me? 
You should oh so very much believe me because I had a very personal experience with cinnamon pills. My mom bought them because she was trying to lose weight the natural way and heard on some talk show that cinnamon caused you to crave less and eat fewer calories. So, she went out and bought a bottle of cinnamon capsules. I thought they were cool sounding and I wanted to test out the effect. I didn't want to lose weight at that time because I was normal, but I wanted to see if it was a scam or fad or not. So I took two capsules every morning. 

Sooner or later I started losing weight and FAST! In like a month or two I was a size 1 in juniors when before I had been a size 3 or 5. I did exercise a lot, but I always had to stay in shape, but I didn't change my exercise routine at all and I had never lost weight before. What I noticed was that I only ate two meals a day and no snacks. I never really had an appetite! My collar bones started showing way more, I had really prominent cheek bones, a totally flat stomach, and my size 1 jeans even got a little baggy! 
It got kinda scary because I couldn't stop losing weight and at the time I didn't know why. People started to think I looked too skinny and bony and I didn't want that. If I didn't stop losing weight I'd be a size 0 soon. I tried weighing out the options why I might be losing so much weight. I realised that ever since I started taking the cinnamon pills I had lost weight. So I stopped taking the pills and right away I stopped losing weight. I didn't gain any weight. I mean I gained a pound or too so I could get rid of the 'too skinny' reputation, but I wanted to do that. So, obviously it had been the cinnamon pills that did this! 

They really work guys! But, from my experience, don't take them every day if you're not trying to lose weight or just want to lose a few pounds or it'll get scary! Be careful and still eat even if your appetite is suppressed. Personally I think cinnamon is better than those expensive diet pills that are really dangerous! Cinnamon is eaten a lot and has no dangerous side effects unless your allergic to cinnamon. 

So, go ahead and try it out! But stay safe and practical! Good luck girlies! 


❤✶ New Blog Design ✶❤

I'm sorry about leaving my blog looking all dishevelled last night. I was working on my header, making it different and more spring like. I used non-gyaru models because I'm going to switch between gyaru and non-gyaru models with my banner, since I don't just blog about gyaru, actually I rarely do, but not to worry, I'll blog about it when I get some new magazine scans and such (wink wink, nudge nudge) My blog is now spring-like. I'll make another banner soon, for early summer and such and then I'll make a full-out summer banner! I'm so excited. I love changing my blog! 

What do you think of the new design? Could it be better or is it pretty the way it is? 
⇑ would love your opinion! ⇑

I think I may make another banner design and see which on is prettier! 


Paranormal Activity

No, I am not talking about the movie, I'm talking about my life and a personal experience. Please don't think I'm a freak because of this post, I just wanted to get it out there that I'm being chased by ghosts and demons. Oh man, I sound like a superstitious freak with a severe case of paranoia, but I'm serious. 

A couple mornings ago, I took a picture of myself making some stupid kawaii japanese cat pose. After taking it I shut my computer. Afterwards, I logged back on to see the picture opened in photo booth-- the way I had left it. In the picture I had really bright and weird coloured eyes and my nails were red. I wasn't wearing nail polish and my eyes were normal when I had taken the picture, no editing done, so what the hell? Also, in the back of the picture, a black shadow looked like it had been moving fast across the room when I had taken the picture. I thought it might have been a camera glitch, so I just left it and showed a couple of people. I really wanted to post it on Facebook, but couldn't because Facebook is blocked on my own laptop, so I had to wait until I got home from school. So, I emailed the picture to myself so I would have it on my home laptop. 

I then quickly turned on the computer. I opened Facebook and my email. I downloaded the picture onto the download picture screen on Facebook. I started downloading, but wouldn't post. So, I tried to post it several more times. When it finally posted, the whole computer screen started flashing, turned completely black and a message came up on the screen. It just said, "JOHNNY IS DEAD" with a smiley face underneath in typewriter letters. Nothing else on the screen. The screen flashed more and then the computer shut off completely. Then I got scared and tried to turn on the computer to see what was wrong. It turned on, but the screen was green and another message popped up that said, "SAY GOODBYE" and nothing more. When I finally got on, the picture never posted and I couldn't even find it in my email. I went on my own laptop and it was no where to be found, not even in photo booth anymore. Where did it go? 

Another thing is that when I went to bed I had a nightmare about my cat Savory. Me and him were standing in the hallway and his eyes were glowing green and he had blood dripping from his mouth. I thought he was hurt (in my dream still, just telling you) so I went to go help him. He bit me and my hand turned purple and shrivelled up into a dead person's hand. I woke up in a cold sweat and walked to go to the bathroom. Savory was standing in the hallway just staring at me. I went back into my room because that's just plain terrifying after the nightmare I just had. 

The weird thing is that I forgot everything until yesterday afternoon. Everything just flashed back to me right in the middle of drawing class.  

 I want to know what this means? Who the hell is Johnny and why is he dead? What or who do I have to say good-bye to? Why is there a black orb behind me? And why the hell are my eyes freaky and my nails red when I was wearing no nail polish? Am I going insane or is there like an evil demon or spirit after me? Oh, please don't think I'm insane, I don't want to be insane. I'm going to go insane thinking about me going insane. Okay, I need to CALM down! 

*** I'm scared!!!!! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I'm Under Construction!

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It'll be up tomorrow! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hai there! It's been a while since you've seen an update from me, but here I am, back from my break in Florida! Oh god, was is fantastical there! It was beautiful the whole time and on the one day it rained in the morning it cleared up to an almost perfect day! I was so glad I had good luck while down there! I guess I'll tell you what I did in Florida!

 When me and my sister arrived we didn't do much besides go out to eat, but then we went to the mall and went shopping. I got a an outfit and a ton of makeup! I also went to Bath and Body Works and bought a bunch of good smelling stuff. The malls there are huge, even the ones that are considered small there are still big compared to the ones I usually go to. There was Gucci and Burberry and all those stores I never see! It was like heaven. The Victoria's Secret there was AMAZING and that's where I got most of my new makeup. I had to buy new foundation, since I tanned while there.(Don't worry, I'll take pictures and swatches of everything I got later.)

I spent a lot of time at the community pool swimming and tanning. I also went to the beach. It was beautiful weather and the water was like pure aqua! I got sun burnt, but thankfully a few days later it turned to a nice golden tan ^_^ Tans are prettyful!

I went to go see a movie, as well. I saw the Lorax in 3D. I know it's a little kid movie, but who doesn't want to see cute little animals and poofy trees in 3D? I don't know anyone except meany heads. It was a good movie anyways and extremely cute in 3D.

Then I went to Epcot in Disney. Man, do I love that place! I got to go to Mexico, Norway, Germany, China, Japan, Italy, France, Morocco, and the United Kingdom all in one day. The thing that really sucks is that I didn't get any pictures of Epcot :'( which is really disappointing since it was really pretty and amazing there. I bought something for my mom in Morocco and German gummy bears. I ate falafel in Morocco, yummy ^_^

I got pictures from Florida that I will upload later today, not many since I had a lack of camera and time, but I got some including pictures from the beach and the room in the house that I stayed at. Oh yeah, I stayed in a community in Jensen Beach, if you didn't already know. All the houses are stucco and the insides are beautiful. I love the outsides too because of the tropical plants and flowers and palm trees, but it'a on a wildlife preserve so it's kind of scary.

I'll do a "non-video" makeup tutorial some time this week. The tutorial will be "Victoria's Secret Champagne Sweetness". I got inspired by a Valentine's day tutorial on their website. So I switched some things up and called in Champagne Sweetness. I'll be using some Victoria's Secret products as well, so I guess it's an advert tutorial.

Hope you all have a wonderful wednesday, it's the middle of the week and Fridays only a day away now! (that's the way I look at it anyway)