Thursday, May 31, 2012


I got a sunburn
Yeah, it hurts and i'm peeling! Wtf?! I put spf 50 sunscreen on. Huh, maybe it washed off in the pool. Oh yeah, and exfoliating and aloe does not work on sunburns unless you apply it constantly throughout the day, just sayin'. So, now I'm red and my makeup looks all peely and scaly, it's so gross. 




NOT with aloe, you bum! I have come to the conclusion that aloe does not work for peeling sunburns. uh-huh, yep... 

So... I took some honey and put it all over my face, left it on for 10 minutes and then washed it off with cold water. I did this about twice a day for about two days and it soothed the burn and peeled away a lot of the dead skin. 

But, that wasn't enough, so throughout the day, I applied oatmeal cloth to my face. Yep, oatmeal cloth. I just took about 1 cup of oatmeal, wrapped it up in a washcloth, let it soak in a bowl of water for 15 minutes and then dabbed it on my face. 

This still wasn't enough T_T and I was NOT going to let this sunburn get away with ruining my makeup routine, no no no NO! So I took milk and soaked a washcloth in it and the dabbed the milk-soaked washcloth on my face. I had heard that the enzymes in the milk naturally peel away dead skin, and it was not lying. Most of the peeling skin had gone away like magic, ya!

The last thing I did was make a moisturising sugar scrub. I just took a little sugar and some olive oil, mixed, and massaged it on my face and rinsed with cold water. Now my face feels a little raw, but I rather have a raw, red face than a peeling lizard face!

The thing I did the most is after each treatment and throughout the day I took a gel ice pack and gave myself a cold compress. It draws heat out of the burn making it go away faster. Plus, it feels nice and cold.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

J-Mag Scans! 日本の雑誌のスキャン!

My blog has been so boring lately, I apologise T_T I'm sorry if you missed me... just kidding, no I'm not, heh. I've been clicking around looking for recent and good J-mag scans. And... I've found some! They'll totally be awesome and you know it. I'm going to use Google translate to write in Japanese on my J-Mag scan posts because they are popular with Japanese speaking people ^_^ so don't blame me for bad translation. 


The pictures are taken from these three magazines 

                  Popteen April 2012        Egg April 2012              Jelly May 2012
                      ポップティーン 2012年4月          卵  2012年4月                   ゼリー 2012年5月

 ^^ Milky Bunny!!! ^^ Tsu-Chan! 

 ^^ Cute outfit! ^^かわいい服! 

 ^^ I like her hair! ^^私は彼女のが好き!

    ^^ amazing makeup! ^^ 驚くべきメイクアップ!

 ^^ puffy eye makeup ^^膨張したアイメイク

 ^^ loving the style here!!! ^^スタイルを愛して!!!

 ^^ the hair!!! ^^ 

 ^^ so pretty! ^^ 美しさそう!

 ^^ CUTE! ^^ かわいい!

 ^^ natural makeup! ^^自然なメイクアップ!
 ^^ this hair is so wow! ^^この髪はとても素晴らしいです。!

 ^^ gorgeous much, no? ^^ いや、豪華なくらい?
^^ my favourite! ^^ 私のお気に入り!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Past Life

I've always been superstitious and I believe in all that spiritual stuff, but lately I've been getting these feelings like constant deja vu. I know this must sound insane, but have you ever had that feeling like you've been in a similar situation or you've met someone before? Most people just forget it and don't really think much of it, I think, so you may not know what the heck I'm talking about. On the other hand, I think way too much about those experiences.

So I've come to a conclusion that we've all had another life in the past and those feelings we get now are just memories from the past that fabricate in our minds when something similar to something that happened in a past life happens. I think this is the reason why we always get deja vu. It could be some other reason, but why would we get the feeling that something has happened before? There really is no answer, this is just philosophy, man. We'll never know @_@

It's just so cool to think about, am I right? No, just think about it and you'll get it..

The reason I wanted to bring this up is because there is this person (no names :P ) that I don't know well at all, barely ever talked to them, they're just an acquaintance. Well, from the first day I saw them for the first time, I immediately felt connected to this person. Like we have a strong bond even though we don't. I feel like we've known each other for so long, but we don't even talk to each other. These connections are so strong and freak me out so much that I try to avoid this person, but I always seem to find myself in their presence and making out-of-the-blue eye contact with them. What the what? Is this like a haunting or something? This is so scary, please tell me I'm not alone, AH!

Share your stories if you have any, I love to hear this stuff! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Workin' on your Fitness

I really enjoy writing posts about health and fitness. Makeup and beauty is one thing that is key to looking great, but to really look your best, being healthy and feeling great about yourself is so, so, SO important to me.

One thing I haven't really talked about is workouts to do at home because as a teen blogger, I don't really go out to the gym.

If you have heard of them, Beach Body has made some of the best home workouts that provide some of the best results that are proven. If you haven't heard of Beach Body in particular, then perhaps you've heard of P90x? Well, they are the makers of that.

This one I highly recommend to the girls.  With long bursts of max-intensity exercises with small periods of rest you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour! And if you stick to it, you will burn fat and gain lean muscle. No bulk up, just lean, toned muscle.  This workout switches from aerobic to anaerobic exercises which keeps you challenged and interested. The best thing is that this workout requires NO weights or equipment and you can do it right in your living room! This workout is perfect for getting ready for that bikini you've been dreaming endlessly about. Don't deny it, I know you're dreaming about that bikini. Get 60 days of Insanity for 3 monthly payments of $39. 95, that's actually less than the gym! 

Look, she's freakin' smexy! 

It's P90x... 2, people! I recommend this one for both girls and guys, but guys especially. P90x is known for giving you hard, toned muscles, but P90x2 also builds your balance, agility, core strength, and athleticism. It even gives you a customisable Nutrition Guide that helps you succeed even more. It contains 12 amazing workouts developed by professional sports trainers that will leave you feeling great and looking great. It even focuses on breaking your plateau. I never knew there was a way! This workout is great for getting ready for summer, or just for completely your New Year's resolution. So get out-- oops, stay in and get the results you're looking for! For 3 monthly payments of $39.95 you get 13 DVDs (12 workouts & How To Bring It Again), a nutrition guide, a fitness guide, and a workout calendar. It's totally worth it. 

You see, man? It works! 

This isn't a workout, but it aids in weight loss and maximum health to go along with you workout routine. I really do recommend this one to girls especially. It helps to revive you body to optimal health without depriving your body of the nutrients it needs. The Ultimate Reset goes through 3 gentle phases to Reclaim and rebalance your body. Release those harmful toxins in your body, and Restore your body. Remember, your body is a temple. There's no starvation or harsh laxatives included in this cleanse. Instead of depriving and stripping your body of key nutrients, it supplies your body with all the necessary nutrients. In 21 days you'll have more energy and focus, better digestion, and a better, happier mood. It will help you with your weight loss goals and make you feel a whole new kind of GOOD. 

You get six essential supplements: Detox, Mineralize, Optimize, Oxygenize, and Revitalize; One-on-One support from online team members, two DVDs that walk you through how to start, Ultimate Reset Program & Nutrition Guide Book that give you some fantastic eating plans, "Cleanse Caddy" travel pouch so you can bring Reset with you, and the Reset Bracelet to remind you of your goals. 


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gyaru Inspiration: Nishino Kana

First off, I'm gonna leave a little note to the anonymous people that left their worthless comments on my Venus and Xiaorishu post. I DELETED them! You're wasting your time leaving those comments! TEAMSPRINGROLL in yo' face! 


Okay, back to what my post should be about. I found Nishino Kana through one of the lovely bloggers I follow, Emi. Nishino Kana is different from my other gyaru inspirations because she is a J-pop singer!I love Nishino Kana mostly because she's cute! But, I also love her because even though she's not really gyaru looking to most people, she still has a natural, sweet gyaru look to me. Enjoy this pic spam. 

I made the pictures BIG so you can save them and they will look good!

One thing that stands out to me about her is her lips and hair! \(*O*)/

Okay, I'll admit it. I posted way too many pictures! There was just so many! @_@

Isn't she just beautiful?! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Shrooms

Yes, the title is random (not really)

This is just a little update to say well, that I feel like I need to find way more things to blog about. I haven't been blogging in a while, right? Well, mostly because I'm writing a post for BeachBody  so that will be up in a little while. Well, anyways I've been so busy with school and everything, so I haven't really though about my blog, but not to worry, I'll be up and blogging soon. I always have these little times when I just can't blog, but they always past and I EXPLODE with ideas on what to blog about. Just wait.

Well thank you for all the views people! I've had over 7000 unique visitors. That's okay, right? Well, even if it's not, I'm still proud of it. ^_^

Think I'm bragging? Well, I'm not. There are plenty of people with more visitors than me so...


Smiley waffle 

Happy Shrooms 
SuperFast Jelly Fish