Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yoga by Equinox= Controversial?

If you're part of the "yoga community" on the internet then you've probably seen this: 

Watch the video on Youtube and you'll see the countless sexual comments on this girl's body. What you'll also see is people hating on this video, explaining how it's too sexualized and how it's ruining the image of yoga. 

You will also see countless blog posts and news articles explaining how this so called "controversial" video is ruining the image of peaceful, wholesome yoga. 
Such as this: 

Why the Sexy Equinox Yoga Video Pissed Me Off

My opinion is that the people saying this video is sexual are making the video look sexual themselves. How could anyone look at that video and think "SEX!"??? 

It's a form of art portraying the raw human form. Just because that girl is in her underwear does not make this video sexual. She's half naked only to show how the body moves, how the body looks as is moves from each pose. Not to turn people on or cause some sexual controversy. 

There is a difference between sex and art. The human form is beautiful and it can do so many amazing things. Equinox was trying to portray this. They were not in any way trying to ruin the image of yoga. They were most likely trying to expand the image of yoga past fitness into art. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Benefits of Yoga

I absolutely love yoga! 
So... I shall talk about it's fantastical benefits in this post! 

Because now that it's summertime and it's all warm and stuff, we can be zen without the distractions of school, work (unfortunately, some of still need to work), and the coldness of non-summer months. Summertime is the perfect time for a little you time. And you know that's what we all need. 

As you may know, yoga has been "all the rage" for the modern world. Mostly because of celebrities flaunting it's amazing bikini body results, but also for it's overall results. Not just the physical side, but the inner stuff, the deep stuff that people look to yoga for. 

Got Zen? 

Zen is more than sitting cross-legged in a candle filled room with your eyes closed going "uh-ummmmmm" for three hours. Zen is feeling balance with yourself, like yin-yang. 

Think Buddha. He teaches that you should have a balance of peace within your body, mind, and soul. Yoga is proven to put you in natural balance with yourself and increase your senses. It like awakens your mind and helps you be in touch with yourself and reality. 

(you still with me? I know this may be kinda weird to some people...) 

Stop before you rip your hair out! 

Yoga is naturally a stress reliever naturally. With the deep breathing patterns and slow fluid motions, it relaxes your body and your mind. After a long, stressful day at work, some PM yoga is an amazing relief for your tenseness and rage. Ha, and if you do AM yoga in the morning, studies show that you may keep your temper and handle things better, with less stress, skipping the after-work-rage all together. 

And if you have anxiety or anger issues, your doctor or anger management specialist may have already told you to start doing yoga. Obviously that means something... just saying. 

Skip the Rehab

A lot of the times, yoga is prescribed to patients of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and other mental illnesses. It relaxes you and puts you in balance with yourself. Therefore, you feel better about yourself and the life your are living. 

Hai, you're looking smexy

Yes, now for the physical part of yoga, that I knew your were dying to here. It does improve almost every aspect of your body except maybe your face--wait no, it helps your face be less tense. So, scratch that-- yoga helps every aspect of your body. 

Yoga tones and lengthens muscles, burning fat. Which replaces bulky muscle and fat with lean muscle mass. With all the stretching, fat cells are stretched, reducing cellulite (no creams work, okay, so try yoga). It improves legs, arms, and abs, without machines or weights-- amazing! Also, if you do a little bit of yoga after a work out it reduces muscle strain and bulk. 

It also helps with posture so you don't have a sway-back, or some  other freaky back shape. It straightens your back and helps you carry yourself. It also reduces back pain. 

If you do a more challenging or active type of yoga such as: bikram, ashtanga, or power yoga then you will raise your metabolism, burn more calories and lose weight. If your maintain a regular practice then you will reduce chance of weight fluctuations. 

Um, now for the awkward part... Yoga also helps with your sexy time. I really don't know how, but it does. It has to do with muscle condition and flexibility or something, but doctors and sexy time specialists say it and I believe them... 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bronzer: Do's and Don'ts

Jeesh, I have not been here for a while! One is because I'm a procrastinator, and two because... 


and with summertime comes sun, sand, and... tans! Usually, we try to accentuate our tans. And what I usually see is girls over-accentuating their tans with ten pounds of the most orange bronzer, which is not good. So, I shall show you how to accentuate your tan with bronzer without over doing it. 

We all know that bronzer can look very orange leaving you looking like... well.. an orange. So, to avoid looking like and orange we need to make sure the bronzer is a good shade. So, it accenuates your newly tanned skin tone. 

So, to do that we can pick a bronzer one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone. DON'T pick one that is five times darker. Do pick a light, medium, or slightly darker shade to add warmth and glow, but not a fake orange hue. 


Another thing we can do is find a bronzer that compliments our undertones. DON'T pick a very warm shade when you have a cool undertone, or a very cool shade when you have a warm undertone. Neutral undertone skins can get away with both cool and warm bronzers, though. DO pick a cool shade when you have a cool undertone and a warm shade when you have a warm undertone. This will create a warm and natural glow without looking fake. 



Tip: If you do not know what your undertone then listen here! 
If your skin tone is very pink, or peach without much yellow you may have a cool undertone. You will also have very blue veins when you look at the veins of your wrist and your skin will most likely be of the pale sort. 

If your skin tone is dominated by yellow, gold, and orange hues you may have a warm undertone. You will also have very green veins in the wrists and your skin will mostly likely be of the medium or deep sort. 

Neutral skin tones will be a mixture of both and you can wear any shade of makeup!

Another thing we can do to ensure pure perfection with our bronzer routine is to make match our skin type with the bronzer type. DON'T pick a shimmery bronzer when you have oily skin and do not pick a matte bronzer when you have dry skin. DO pick a matte bronzer when you have oily skin, to reduce shine while creating a glow and pick a shimmery bronzer when you have dry skin to create a more dewy and healthy glow. If you have combination skin then pick which one is more comfortable for you. 

^matte^                            ^Shimmery^

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I like tortles!

Guess what? I found a little box turtle! Well, he's like a tortoise because he lives on land. My sister named him Harley. We didn't keep him, of course. We let him go in the garden ^_^ so he can go and crawl around and eat bugs and flowers or whatever. I gotta say, he was a pretty zen turtle, he modelled for the camera and everything! 

My cat wanted to eat him!!! :O 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Starving For Fame

I really don't like bringing this person up again because of hold old it has gotten, I'll admit it, but they just sparked something in me and I need to talk about it. So, once again I am bringing up VenusAngelic.

Please don't tell me that I'm trying to gain fame myself from talking about VA, I'm not trying to, I just write about anything that strikes me as interesting in my field of blogging, okay. Oh yeah, and I DO NOT hate VA so I don't wanna hear "stop hating on a young, innocent girl" or "she didn't do anything to you" and bla bla bla, I don't hate people I don't know, I just don't desire how she displays herself on the internet. This is not a trolly post, it's just my opinion on a subject.

So, what I wanted to talk about is VA's increasing hunger for fame. It seems like she's doing anything she can to gain more views and subs on Youtube. Well, not everything, but it just seems like she is displaying herself more to get more views. Of course, I don't know this person and I have no idea of her real intentions.

See her new videos:

Do you see what I mean? She is trying way too hard to be like a real, living doll to the point where she is compared to the looks of a sex doll. She's losing that smiley, excited expression and replacing it with a silent, emotionless stare. She's displaying her body in lolita outfits and strutting in short shorts with fishnet stockings. You are not going to sit there and tell me that perverts, pedophiles, and lolita fetishes are not being turned on by this. You're in denial for some reason if you say they aren't. That's what you have to expect when you post videos like that, anyhow. It's like she knows this and wants the attention and fame from it.

She is so young. I don't know how young, but she really should be careful by how she gets more views and subs. Displaying herself to people all over the world might have bad consequences and outcomes. But, who am I to say? But, it is common sense that when you display your body to people, in particular the people that aren't really sane or all that normal, you could end up with a stalker or pedophile on your hands.

I'm just stunned by how our generation is so into media, fame, and sex. That's what everything is about, it seems. Especially on the internet.  It's quite sad how I see so many girls on the internet become pictures on a screen just displaying their looks for fame and attention when before it was their charisma, humour, and personality, along with looks that got them their fame.

I believe that girls don't need to display themselves for attention and fame. It's a waste of youth, in my opinion. In short, it's spending your youth entertaining and pleasing people you will never meet. You could be enjoying your youth while you have it instead of becoming a pedophile magnet. It's a shame really.

I hope you guys see things from my eyes and don't be afraid to share you opinions and comments on my view on this subject. ^_^

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Makeup Trends

This year, I absolutely love most of the makeup trends. Usually I hate a majority of the trends I see, but this year most are just my fancy.

Since the pictures below are of runway models, they have a lot more makeup on than anyone would wear everyday, so make variations so you don't go out looking overdone.

Pumped Up Pretty 

Shiseido showmen made a doll-like, youthful look with lolita lashes, pink lips, coral cream blush, and hyper real skin; along with fake freckles for an innocent appearance. 

Blue Peter Beauty 

Mac makeup artists liked arts and crafts this season. They used gold leaf, clear glue, and black bandage tape to create embellished and edgy eye makeup. Their vision for this look was a 60's housewife that was teleported into the 90's. 

Groupie Glamour 

Maybelline and Mac makeup artist created a chic, morning-after-the-night -before, look. Thickly black lined eyes were a staple and keeping the eyes horizontal rather than slanted was also used a lot. 

Ocean Colour Scene 

Etro makeup artists used cool coloured eye shadows, and light, washed over hues to create a soft, Monet-like look. Mac eyeshadow were used in shades of azure, aqua, and pearl, while the face and lips were kept neutral. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Maxim's 100 Sexiest Women 2012

Yes, I do follow celebrities sometimes. When I hear about some of the most sexiest women voted by Maxim, I know I have to steal some style from them. So, I wanna show you my favourites out of the 100 that were voted. I'll also show you their 2012 styles so you can steal from the celebs. ^_^ 

p.s. these are just the winners that I liked the most, there is no specific order of my liking only the rank they came in for Maxim 

Bar Refaeli 
She was #1! I really didn't know about her, but I like her look! Natural, casual, and down-to-earth, but feminine at the same time. 

Mila Kunis 
I've always loved Mila and her style ever since her days in That 70's Show! She's really girly and sassy, it's cool. 

Megan Fox
I always though Megan was pretty BA. She's not girly, but I don't know, like dark and mysterious looking. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 
She didn't make the top ten, so old Maxim photo (Maxim only does articles on top ten and she was eleven). She made Maxim again! Yay! I've always loved Rosie's look, it's classy, girly, and really radiant. But, hey, have you noticed the celebrities are really dressing down that's... AWESOME!

Friday, June 1, 2012

In ❤ With Vintage

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!!!Under Construction!!!

I'm under construction!!! 

Don't mind the ugly colours that might show up on my blog or the plain banner that might show up, it will not stay that way. It'll be back and better!