Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 Makeup Trends

This year, I absolutely love most of the makeup trends. Usually I hate a majority of the trends I see, but this year most are just my fancy.

Since the pictures below are of runway models, they have a lot more makeup on than anyone would wear everyday, so make variations so you don't go out looking overdone.

Pumped Up Pretty 

Shiseido showmen made a doll-like, youthful look with lolita lashes, pink lips, coral cream blush, and hyper real skin; along with fake freckles for an innocent appearance. 

Blue Peter Beauty 

Mac makeup artists liked arts and crafts this season. They used gold leaf, clear glue, and black bandage tape to create embellished and edgy eye makeup. Their vision for this look was a 60's housewife that was teleported into the 90's. 

Groupie Glamour 

Maybelline and Mac makeup artist created a chic, morning-after-the-night -before, look. Thickly black lined eyes were a staple and keeping the eyes horizontal rather than slanted was also used a lot. 

Ocean Colour Scene 

Etro makeup artists used cool coloured eye shadows, and light, washed over hues to create a soft, Monet-like look. Mac eyeshadow were used in shades of azure, aqua, and pearl, while the face and lips were kept neutral. 

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Amy-Chan said...

O love this light pink shades so much. Like in pic 1 and 2