Friday, June 8, 2012

Starving For Fame

I really don't like bringing this person up again because of hold old it has gotten, I'll admit it, but they just sparked something in me and I need to talk about it. So, once again I am bringing up VenusAngelic.

Please don't tell me that I'm trying to gain fame myself from talking about VA, I'm not trying to, I just write about anything that strikes me as interesting in my field of blogging, okay. Oh yeah, and I DO NOT hate VA so I don't wanna hear "stop hating on a young, innocent girl" or "she didn't do anything to you" and bla bla bla, I don't hate people I don't know, I just don't desire how she displays herself on the internet. This is not a trolly post, it's just my opinion on a subject.

So, what I wanted to talk about is VA's increasing hunger for fame. It seems like she's doing anything she can to gain more views and subs on Youtube. Well, not everything, but it just seems like she is displaying herself more to get more views. Of course, I don't know this person and I have no idea of her real intentions.

See her new videos:

Do you see what I mean? She is trying way too hard to be like a real, living doll to the point where she is compared to the looks of a sex doll. She's losing that smiley, excited expression and replacing it with a silent, emotionless stare. She's displaying her body in lolita outfits and strutting in short shorts with fishnet stockings. You are not going to sit there and tell me that perverts, pedophiles, and lolita fetishes are not being turned on by this. You're in denial for some reason if you say they aren't. That's what you have to expect when you post videos like that, anyhow. It's like she knows this and wants the attention and fame from it.

She is so young. I don't know how young, but she really should be careful by how she gets more views and subs. Displaying herself to people all over the world might have bad consequences and outcomes. But, who am I to say? But, it is common sense that when you display your body to people, in particular the people that aren't really sane or all that normal, you could end up with a stalker or pedophile on your hands.

I'm just stunned by how our generation is so into media, fame, and sex. That's what everything is about, it seems. Especially on the internet.  It's quite sad how I see so many girls on the internet become pictures on a screen just displaying their looks for fame and attention when before it was their charisma, humour, and personality, along with looks that got them their fame.

I believe that girls don't need to display themselves for attention and fame. It's a waste of youth, in my opinion. In short, it's spending your youth entertaining and pleasing people you will never meet. You could be enjoying your youth while you have it instead of becoming a pedophile magnet. It's a shame really.

I hope you guys see things from my eyes and don't be afraid to share you opinions and comments on my view on this subject. ^_^


Kyouko said...
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Anonymous said...

I dont hate her, but she is ridiculous. Shes is just looking for attention, and looks like a sexdoll.
Shes expose her body to much, and her fanbase is especially old asian mans in age 40~50 years...
i think, this girl have psychological problens...
Just my opnion... nice post!

Yumi said...

I totally agree with you all the way!
cute blog btw ^_^

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