Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yoga by Equinox= Controversial?

If you're part of the "yoga community" on the internet then you've probably seen this: 

Watch the video on Youtube and you'll see the countless sexual comments on this girl's body. What you'll also see is people hating on this video, explaining how it's too sexualized and how it's ruining the image of yoga. 

You will also see countless blog posts and news articles explaining how this so called "controversial" video is ruining the image of peaceful, wholesome yoga. 
Such as this: 

Why the Sexy Equinox Yoga Video Pissed Me Off

My opinion is that the people saying this video is sexual are making the video look sexual themselves. How could anyone look at that video and think "SEX!"??? 

It's a form of art portraying the raw human form. Just because that girl is in her underwear does not make this video sexual. She's half naked only to show how the body moves, how the body looks as is moves from each pose. Not to turn people on or cause some sexual controversy. 

There is a difference between sex and art. The human form is beautiful and it can do so many amazing things. Equinox was trying to portray this. They were not in any way trying to ruin the image of yoga. They were most likely trying to expand the image of yoga past fitness into art. 


Gaea said...

I personally thought it was beautiful - but I think you're right. in our society a woman's body equals sex, so that's how people think of it. I think people were also upset because equinox took advantage of the fact that women's body's are sexualized in order to sell a product

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