Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sammy, Noodle, and Rio, oh my!

I haven't posted in forever now. Guess why? You'll never guess it, so I'll tell you. I am taking close care of two hamsters and raising a baby parakeet. So exciting! I got to get these pets because I am back with my mom and she cannot put down a request for cute little animals.  

Sammy and Noodle are two male fancy syrian hamsters. They are littermates, meaning they've been together since birth. They are both little boys. I hope to keep them together peacefully. I've heard all the horror stories about keeping syrian hamsters together, since they are very terratorial and they may fight till death :(. I don't want this to happen, but they are both full grown and sexually mature, about 8 weeks old and they show no signs of unhappiness. If you know hamsters, I would love to hear you're opinion on these two guy coexisting. Here take a look at them :)

This is Noodle, he is golden blonde all over

This is Sammy, he is blonde with white patches

 They love each other <3

Rio is a baby boy budgie. He was hand raised at Zoo Creature's, but I still have to teach him. Right now he's going through birdy pueburty, which means he is very cranky and very Dr.Jeckel Mr.Hyde like. One minute he'll be the sweetest little birdy and they next minute he'll be the loudest, snappiest bird that won't give up without a fight.  He keeps biting me, not hard, but it doesn't feel good and I don't like the idea of an aggressive bird. I'm trying to make him stop, hopefully he will. He's just starting to sing, though, which is super pretty to hear before going to bed! Here he is :D


saturn said...

Noodle D': now we have cyborg noodle.

Natissa kuma said...

Nice post!
I found your blog threw Forever Gyaru.
Love your pet!

Noor said...

OMG so adorable :D <33333