Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Makeup and Hair Evolution of 2012

My makeup and hair looks have changed so much over the year of 2012. I went from gyaru all the way to the 70's in less than one year. Amazing... 

 Right around the beginning of 2012 I became fascinated with the Japanese style of gyaru. I loved the eye makeup and the sweet and girly look and fair skin.
 In Winter, I went for the 50's inspired look, with gold and brown smoky eyes, rosy cheeks, and red lips. 
 Around late Winter and Spring I had an ultra-girly palette of pinks, purples, browns, and whites. I often did a cat eye and pink lips.
 In the beginning of Summer I had a very natural look. With no eyeliner or mascara, gold eyeshadow, bronzer, tinted moisturizer, and lipgloss. 

What I like to do now...
 I like the naturally pretty 70's inspired  look. I do that often, with rosy blush, and thick eyeliner. I also like the smoky, rocker, 60's makeup like this... 
Now for the hair... 
(no real pics, sorry, i just wanted to show you what I went for, most of the pictures i have, i have straight hair)

I used have straight/wavy hair with an uneven side part, I had no bangs or layers
Then I had peicey, curls, still with the same haircut

Then I had wavy hair with bangs

Then I had pushed back, wavy hair, with no bangs or layers

And now I have a messy shag, with long layers and bangs inspired by the 70's.

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