Wednesday, August 29, 2012

70's Fashion and How to Wear it Now

I love the 70's fashion. It's so simple and wholesome looking. Not to mention I hate almost everything modern...

The 70's fashion mostly consisted of bell bottom jeans, light weight fabrics, and platform shoes, all of which I absolutely love, especially the bell bottoms and platform shoes! But, you know, going all out in 1970's attire might make you look funny and out-dated. So, I will share with you how to wear the 70's now.

This is a perfect example how to wear 70's fashion a little more modernly. Perhaps you've noticed while strolling around the mall that maxi dresses and skirts, baggy shirts, super flare jeans and big belts are pretty common lately-- all of which are the basics of 70's chic.
Instead of going for super high waisted, super-ultra flare bell bottoms, you should get a lower rise, and smaller flare to represent a modern fit while still clearly showing the 70's without actually being stuck in the 70's. Tuck in your shirt while wearing high waisted jeans, but allow the shirt to be out of the jeans a little, for a loose and easy feel. Wear very neutral colors for an earthy hippieook and don't be afraid to add prints like paisley and floral.

This kind of platform bootie is perfect to wear under flare jeans and maxi dresses and skirts. Just make sure you can walk in them firts and that they are brown or tan and not black or gray or some other unnatural color. Keep and neutral and hippy, while keeping it modern.

If you want to wear 70's party or club clothes you should shoot for something like what is above. 70's club wear was cute, but sexy. Long sleeves with belts over them, and bright colored shorts, and gogo boots were popular. Your shorts should be conservative and should not look too skimpy. And the gogo boots and shirt should be light, pastel colors and shorts vibrant, dark colors.. A sash or do-rag over your hair is not bad, either.

Long, straight hair was very popular in the 70's and is perfect to achieve a 70's chic look. It's totally achievable either with natural length or extensions. Do not go overly long with it, to keep it within modern length. To dress up this look add a headband or shash around your head.

Voluminous, wispy curls are almost iconic to the 70's celebs, bringing memories of farrah fawcett to mind. This can easily and quickly be done by simply curling your hair away from your face with a 1-1 1/2 inch curling iron. However, avoid going over board with the volume, you want it to look casual and natural.

70's makeup was very natural and light. Go for a pastel blue or aqua smoky eye, using white frosted eyeshadow to hightlight your brow bone. Use black liquid liner to create a cat eye and go over the black line with dark purple eye pencil to blend and add smokiness. Swich the big volume of modern lashes for big length on both top and bottom lashes. Since 70's makeup played up the eyes a lot, a peach or bronze blusher over the cheek bones and a pale pink lipstick should be enough.
I hope you enjoy this big post of ideas for a cute, and easy 70's chic look from head to toe and I hope you enjoy the 70's fashion as much as I do.


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Noor said...

I also sort of hate the modern fashion >.<

ah your post made me feel like I wanna go back and groove with the 70's <3 :3

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70s fashion is so fun, i love the maxi dress looks~ Looking forward to your upcoming posts!♡

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i like the 70s fashion :) your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


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